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Are you looking for decent and affordable pre-owned diagnostic medical imaging devices such as CT, MRI, Mammography, Ultrasound and Rad/Fluoro? Here is the answer showing from one of a kind CT/MRI inventory web-site from JAPAN!

Here is one of best places to find the “right one” you are currently looking for…

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Tel : 81-80-1002-1995
Fax : 81-50-3488-3801

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Name: JmR International Co., Ltd.

JmR International Co., Ltd. has been founded in 2006 as one of leading equipment trading companies in Japan that distributes small transporting vehicles, construction machines and 2nd hand medical equipment with premium quality and services to meet your customers “Needs and Wants”.

Address: 1-19-8 Mihara Otawara, Tochigi 324-0047 JAPAN
President:Roy NAKAMURA
Established in Sep. 1st 2006
Tel: 81-80-1002-1995
Fax: 81-50-3488-3801
Main bank: Ashikaga Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Certificate #1: 308920706501 (A used equipment dealer certified by Japan Police Dept.)
Certificate #2: 2007MD001045 (Certificate of Medical equipment sales/rent)


As one of the largest pre-owned CT/MRIs’ suppliers, with warm and honest heart, our mission and goal is committed to support “human lives” in the world through supplying pre-owned, well-conditioned and affordable medical devises from Japan through this web-site as well as to maximize your business ROI/finance and support your business development.

Followings are our 10 basic philosophies (commitment to you customers);

1. Quickly responsive communication
2. Speedy and smart dealing
3. Accurate information and reporting
4. Only supply “valuables”
5. Clearly to show you “possible/impossible”
6. Clear business and dealing rule
7. Try our best to match your needs and wants
8. Nationwide networking in Japan
9. Free to answer anything about JAPAN
10. Smarter solution


To establish one of a world-leading and most influential medical equipment trading companies in Japan and to make world a better place, we ties up our hands with customers through supplying valuable second hand medical devises and services all over the world!

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